Open Thursday – Sunday from noon – 5 p.m.

Under the rules governing the re-opening of businesses in Texas, our patio and picnic areas are OPEN for your enjoyment with proper social distancing measures in place. We’re currently prohibited from offering wine tastings or opening and pouring your wine under the current regulations, but we can sell you sealed bottles for your enjoyment outside the tasting room.

As always, you’re also welcome to bring a picnic and your furry friends!

We’re currently offering these special discounts:

  • 50% off select bottles of wine:

    • Rising Star Gewurztraminer
    • Miss ‘B” Havin’ White Table Wine

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When business is back to normal, visit us and enjoy:

  • Free wine tastings
  • Spacious patio with a beautiful view of the vineyard
  • Live music — view the calendar
  • Bringing your own picnic and furry friends!

About the Vineyards & Winery

The fact that in the 1800s, El Paso was one of the country’s premier wine regions intrigued Victor Poulos. Being an avid wine collector as well an El Paso history buff, his interest became even greater when he read an article in Texas Monthly magazine about the poor quality of Texas Wines. Mr. Poulos, an attorney and El Paso businessman, decided to put aside this preconceived notion, and prove that El Paso’s Mesilla Valley Appellation could once again produce a quality wine.

In August 2000, Zin Valle Vineyards was “born” when the Poulos family purchased ten acres of land in Canutillo, Texas within the Mesilla Valley Appellation. The northern-most acres were prepared for Zinfandel wine grapes, the name Rising Star was registered and the dream of an El Paso-area vineyard became a reality.

More than 100 tons of sandy soil, specially mixed for optimum grape production was brought in. The existing soil was removed down to native sandy loam, which was at least 3 feet deep and replaced with the new sandy soil in rows. A specialized drip irrigation system was installed. The owners also implemented a high-end cordon trellis system for supporting and training the grape vines.

Zin Valle believes steadfastly in “quality over quantity” and we invite you to visit us and taste the passion and dedication we put into our wines.