Our History

Welcome to Zin Valle Vineyards, where vines born of rugged Texas soil mingle with sips of the most noble Tuscan wine. Here, a centuries old Italian heritage meets a pioneering spirit that can only be found once you’ve traveled the farthest west in Texas you can possibly go.

The fact that in the 1800s, El Paso was one of the country’s earliest and premier wine regions intrigued the Poulos family, and in the year 2000, Zin Valle Vineyards was born when the family purchased ten acres of land in Canutillo, Texas. The northern-most acres were prepared for Zinfandel wine grapes and the dream of an El Paso-area vineyard became a reality.

More than 100 tons of sandy soil, specially mixed for optimum grape production was brought in. The existing soil was removed down to native sandy loam, which was at least 3 feet deep and replaced with the new sandy soil in rows. A specialized drip irrigation system was installed. In 2004, the newly built tasting room was opened to the public, and the Poulos family proudly offered their first five wines.

As the family’s love for wine grew, so did their interest in the great wines of Italy. In 2019, Zin Valle Vineyards co-owner Victor Poulos and his business partners purchased Fattoria Svetoni, a 90-acre wine estate in Tuscany, Italy that was previously owned by the famous Ruffino wine family. The property includes the historic former home of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and has been renovated into a full-service bed and breakfast.

As owners in this venture, Zin Valle Vineyards is proud to serve as the exclusive American source for Fattoria Svetoni wines and to offer them to you alongside our local wines in our tasting room.

Come visit us at Zin Valle Vineyards – where the edge of Texas meets the soul of Tuscany, and where a world beyond your own is right in your backyard!

Our Team

Ryan Poulos

As a second-generation co-owner of Zin Valle Vineyards, Ryan believes that wine should be approachable, fun and unintimidating. He believes that when tasting and enjoying wine the context and overall experience are much more important than detailed knowledge about wine. Prior to joining the family business in early 2020, Ryan enjoyed a successful communications and marketing career in Austin.


Victor Poulos

The fact that in the 1800s, El Paso was one of the country’s premier wine regions intrigued Victor. As an avid wine collector as well an El Paso history buff, his interest became even greater when he read an article in Texas Monthly magazine about the poor quality of Texas Wines.  An attorney and El Paso businessman, Victor decided to put aside this preconceived notion, and prove that El Paso could once again produce a quality wine

Kathi Poulos

Kathi believes that friendly interaction with customers is as important as providing a quality product. Leading Zin Valle’s tasting room since the winery opened in 2004, Kathi loves the long-lasting friendships she’s built among both Zin Valle’s new and regular customers.